To inspire

…to inhale, fill with enlivening
to affect or arouse by Divine influence.

Inspiring Yoga

Yoga is an ancient charted path of embodying presence, clarifying intention and learning how to listen to the heart. It has given me the ground to not turn away from the pain of life, and turn more deeply inward with courage and curiosity.

Inspiring Yoga is an ever emerging synthesis of substantive yogic teachings, offering a unique blend of practices and programs to restore and nourish the body, calm and clarify the mind and illuminate the light within. Now more than ever, we need practices to not turn away, to embrace the heartbreaking realities of life, and still celebrate the extraordinary bounty and beauty of this sacred journey. Join me. There is so much to learn and love.

Sharon Abbondanza, C-IAYT

Certified Yoga Therapist


Photo Credit: Katinka de Maar



A variety of online weekly classes offer styles at various levels of practice. From gentle therapeutics to vitalizing vinyasa, tensegrity to spinal restoration with the BackMitra, every class is a creative exploration of embodiment, breath and cultivating presence.


Online webinars are a rich learning experience; we investigate a vast array of topics and practices to deepen understanding, expand perspectives and possibilities and promote connection.


A platform for discovery, monthly online workshops explore embodiment through experiential anatomy. Understanding physical structures lays the ground for movement through  awareness, inviting conscious breath opens the gateway into subtle sensing, working intelligently with asana attunes the whole being.

Private Sessions

One-on-one sessions are an opportunity for deep inquiry and deep healing. Providing a safe space to explore personal patterns of breath, alignment and movement, sessions illuminate a pathway toward integration.

Inspiring Breath

In this 4-week online foundation program, you will learn the science of breath as well as four practices to improve your respiratory capacity. The basis of health is grounded in breath; optimize your breath cycle and enjoy the benefits in every aspect of your life.

Eco-Action Circles

Offered seasonally, our 4 week Eco-Action circles explore current environmental and social concerns. Based on the brilliant work of Be the Change Earth Alliance, these circles provide a comprehensive opportunity to learn, engage and change through an online community of encouragement and support.

Program facilitated by
Maureen Jack-LaCroix and Sharon Abbondanza

Spinal Restoration with BackMitra

Spinal health is at the core of optimizing alignment and facilitating easeful movement. The BackMitra is a brilliant prop to awaken connection, release tension in the spine and promote the relaxation response. As we awaken a sense of connection and aliveness, the experience of feeling calm and centred deepens.

Upcoming Fall 2022

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is the meditative heart of yoga practice. Based on the natural cycles of sleep, this ancient technique reduces stress and induces profound states of relaxation.  Using various techniques to relax the body and awaken awareness, Yoga Nidra unwinds deep holding in the body-mind and rewires the nervous system to promote a sense of ease and wholeness.


The BackMitra is complimentary to all styles of yoga and has a long list of benefits. Placed along the spine, this ingenious foam prop effectively relieves spinal tensions, improves circulation, and induces relaxation. Safe and simple to use, the BackMitra alleviates stress, opens breath and nourishes the heart. Learn to really relax with a simple self care treatment that takes just 10 minutes a day.

~ Yoga is the Relaxation of Effort ~

Patanjali~Author of the Yoga Sutras

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