Inspiring Breath

Programs blend theory and practice, inquiry, exercise, and engagement to deeply investigate a field of study. These 60-90 minute sessions are offered in the evening over a 4-week period, and include recordings and guide sheets.

Inspiring Breath: Enliven Your Breath ~ Empower Your Life

Breath is our link to life offering a profound moment by moment experience to RE-source ourselves. Mapping your cycle of breath, you will discover your personal breathing patterns and learn how to transform holding tendencies that create tension. We will examine the Autonomic Nervous system and learn how to work with conscious breath rhythms to balance our inner state of being. Build your foundational skills to increase your respiratory capacity, investigate the science of breath and explore simple pranayama practices to refine self regulation and cultivate harmonic resonance.

New and Experienced Practitioners Welcome


  • Nourishing Body-Mind Connection
  • Reducing stress and tension
  • Capacity to calm & steady the mind
  • Ability to more skilfully regulate emotional life
  • Deepened connection to self, Spirit and inner life

Day:  Tuesday Evenings

Date: April 19th- May 10th

Time:  7pm-8:30pm

Complimentary Introduction

Day:  Tuesday

Date: April 12th

Time: 7pm-8:30pm

Facilitated by Sharon Abbondanza

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