Yoga Nidra


Programs blend theory and practice, inquiry, exercise, and engagement to deeply investigate a field of study. These 60-90 minute sessions are offered in the evening over a 4-week period, and include recordings and guide sheets.

Yoga Nidra ~ The Meditative Heart of Yoga

Learn the science of Yoga Nidra and enjoy a beautiful practice of profound relaxation to support your experience of wholeness. This guided journey is a conscious exploration into the realms of sleep, as we tap in the timelessness of the theta wave frequency and promote integration.

Through various techniques, we explore breath and the body, intention and awareness, to foster connection between body, mind, heart and soul. Shifting from thinking and doing into feeling and being, we refine our inner sensing and attune to subtle levels of awareness. The ultimate in self care, please join for this journey into harmonic well being.
It will be the best gift you have ever given yourself.


Benefits of YOGA NIDRA:

  • Deep relaxation and increased energy flow
  • Stress reduction, physical and physiological restoration
  • Developing the tool of Attention
  • Developing the tool of Intention
  • Developing refined awareness – cultivating presence
  • Integration of 3 centres of intelligence: head, heart and gut

Day:  Sunday Evenings

Time:  7:30pm

Facilitated by Sharon Abbondanza

What Students Say

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