Inspiring Webinars

Online webinars are a rich learning experience; we investigate a vast array of topics and practices to deepen understanding, expand perspective and promote connection.

2022 Inspiring Webinar Schedule

Students enrolled in yoga classes select one gratis webinar per session.

Two upcoming webinars are complimentary.

Conscious Connected Breath

Conscious Connected Breath harmonizes Body – Mind – Soul & Spirit. It supports a deepening connection with oneself and promotes our capacity to be present. A powerful and safe way to infuse the body with oxygen and energy, this approach to breath resets the nervous system, promotes good digestion, and encourages our radiant well being on all levels. As we unplug from the mental body and use breath to return to present moment awareness again and again, we create a spaciousness that promotes healing and integration. Some benefits include:

  • Improved sleep
  • Ease respiratory conditions
  • Boost your immune system
  • Increases energy
  • Experience deep peace and relaxation
  • Become aware of emotions halting your personal growth
  • Release and resolve emotional patterns that no longer serve
  • Clarify your mind
  • Open your breath and open to new possibilities
  • Develop a new dimension to your yoga and/or spiritual practice

This practice is a portal to connect to your sacred self and helps to transform the unresolved past. Gentle and nourishing, Conscious Connected Breath is a bridge to your deepest well being. It facilitates openings to higher levels of consciousness, allowing us to tap into our deeper resources and live our lives joyfully in trust with abundance.

Day:  Thursday 

Date: June 16th 

Time:  7:30pm-9pm

Cost:  $25+GST

Presented by Sharon Abbondanza

Radiant Breath

Breath is so often taken for granted; uninhibited, breath expands in all directions. Exploring radiant breath practices help us discover where breath is restricted or dormant and enable us to enliven breath in the body. A highly educational webinar blending breathing inquiries and both functional and experiential anatomy to more deeply understand and embody breath.

Day:  Tuesday

Date: July  12th 

Time:  7pm-8:30pm

Cost:  $25+GST

Presented by Sharon Abbondanza

Biophilia: Love and Anxiety

Complimentary Webinar

People all over the world, especially our children and youth, are suffering from a pandemic called eco-anxiety – feeling dread and despair at the state of ecological decline. What if we honoured these emotions and saw them as a healthy, natural response of being connected to the living system of our home planet? Learn how to interpret and work with these emotions to strengthen our resilience and ability for positive change through active hope, empowerment and connection.

Day:  Monday

Date: Postponed to September

Time:  7:30pm-9pm

Cost: Complimentary

Presented by Maureen Jack-LaCroix of Be the Change Earth Alliance

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