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“This is the first, wildest and wisest thing I know, that the soul exists, and that it is built entirely out of attentiveness.”

-Mary Oliver

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One-on-One Sessions

Personalized attention translates into a unique session that synthesizes inspiring education, therapeutic and restorative yoga, conscious breathing, meditation and deep relaxation.

Private Sessions may include both tributaries of one-on-one sessions offered, or focus exclusively on Yoga Therapy or Sacred Breath. The source of our health and vitality is rooted in our breath rhythm and respiratory capacity.

Exploring Yoga Therapy deeply supports your path to wellness, fostering confidence, courage and joy. Learn more deeply about your postural patterns, awaken new connections in your body, expand your understanding of yourself and life. Regardless of your ability or health condition, Yoga therapy offers a rich toolkit of teachings and practices to support you just where you are. After an initial two-hour intake session, we co-create an individualized plan and schedule to provide you with the framework of private sessions that best serve your current needs.

Exploring Sacred Breath deeply supports your integration. Clarifying your breathing pattern is the basis of unwinding stress in the body. Freeing the diaphragm allows breath to drop deeper into the belly, the foundation of relaxation. We work with a breathing pattern called conscious connected breath to open the whole body and promote relaxation with each exhalation.

Of course we all breathe every moment of everyday. Yet our breath patterns often set very early in life are controlled and constrained needing awareness to be transformed. Sacred Breath offers a nurturing experience to attend breath, hone the tool of intention and learn to remain relaxed as the breath and body reveal deeper dimensions of self.

“Vulnerability is the door through which we walk into self-understanding and compassion for others. Being enlightened does not mean we assume supernatural powers or find perfection that exalts us above the daily losses other human beings are subject to; enlightenment means we have accepted thoroughly our transience, our vulnerability and our imperfections and live just as robustly with them as without them.”

David Whyte

Each one-on-one session is unique; a series of sessions promotes healing and transformation. See more details below.

Yoga Therapy

Private Sessions deeply support your path to wellness; optimize your posture practice, reveal personal insight, and foster confidence, courage and joy. Learn to release old patterns of the past as you increase vitality and fortify your sense of wholeness.


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Sacred Breath

One-on-one Sacred Breath sessions begin in conversation. Clarifying what has surfaced to be attended, honing an intention for the session, and then settling into support to be guided on a sacred journey within. Through conscious connected breath, we open to our flow of energy.


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