Yoga Therapy

“Life is not a goal but an unfolding process. Only as you live moment to moment can you capture its essence.”

Amrit Yogi Desai

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There is a blueprint of health within you, ever available.
 Yoga may be your map and key to optimal health.

Yoga Therapy

One-on-One Sessions

Personalized attention translates into a unique session that synthesizes inspiring education, therapeutic and restorative yoga, conscious breathing, meditation and deep relaxation. Through experiential anatomy, an integration of body and mind, breath is used as a bridge to awaken a felt sense of connection in the body.

Private Sessions deeply support your path to wellness; optimize your posture practice, reveal personal insight, and foster confidence, courage and joy. Learn to release old patterns of the past as you increase vitality and fortify your sense of wholeness.

Regardless of your ability or health condition, there is a blueprint of health within you, ever available. After a two-hour intake session, we co-create an individualized plan and schedule to provide you with the unique private sessions that best serve your ease, joy and awakening.

Facilitated by Sharon Abbondanza


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